Rate Watchers

Keeping You On Top of Your Costs

We know how important it is for seniors on fixed incomes to be able to budget their health care costs from month to month. Some Medicare supplement insurance plans make it easier than others to do this. For example, Medigap Plan F, with its comprehensive coverage eliminating out-of-pocket costs for approved care basic Medicare doesn’t cover, is just the tool many seniors need to make sure their health care costs can be budgeted.

Unfortunately, staying in control of your supplement insurance costs isn’t always that simple.

Although all Medicare supplemental insurance plans were standardized by the federal government in 1992 and every provider must provide the same benefits for the same letter plan (Medigap Plan A, Medigap Plan B, etc.), insurance companies offering the same plan remain free to set their own premium prices. As a result, it’s important to shop around before choosing a provider and plan. MedicareMall has served its clients for over 20 years by shopping the market for the best plans and values in the country. As a result, we’ve saved our clients a great deal of money over the years—but we found we needed to go even further to protect our valued customers.

Medigap rates can fluctuate in ways many beneficiaries aren’t aware of. Just as rates vary from plan to plan and from company to company, they can vary from year to year. This means that your 2012 Medigap rates and even Medicare rates aren’t necessarily what you can expect to be paying next year for the same plans and the same coverage.

Health plan rates don’t fluctuate only from year to year. Some companies charge different Medigap rates to residents of different areas in the same state.

To most seniors, a “fluctuation” in Medigap rates means an increase and not a decrease. This, of course—especially when totally unexpected—can put great strain on a budget.

The solution?

MedicareMall has responded to our clients’ concerns about unexpected rate increases by establishing Rate Watchers, a program designed to monitor your current monthly premiums and alert you when increases occur.

Why is this important?

Remember, you’re not locked into your current health plan for life. If your current plan’s rate increases, MedicareMall can quickly help you enroll in a plan offering the same benefits at a lower rate.

This sounds like a no-brainer. Medicare Rate Watchers was established to make sure your health insurance costs don’t outstretch your budget. Contact MedicareMall now and one of our licensed, bonded professionals will be glad to explain more about how Rate Watchers can work to your advantage.

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